Brittany & Josh’s Wedding @ Beacon Hill Golf Club, Commerce Township, MI

“Ramdog”.  That was my nickname for the day as decidedly uttered by one of Brittany’s bridesmaid.  Even though her bridal party weren’t ‘liquored-up’ yet,  they had the propensity to make any event a party.

I first met Josh and Brittany at a Starbucks on Maple and Crooks Road on June 27, 2014.  She really liked my style of photography but wanted to see more of my work in hard prints.  Fortunately, I have couple of albums from my recent work to show them.  During our meeting, they also asked me the right questions to determine if I was a match to what they had in mind.

A little over a month later, I heard from them again.  They wondering if I was still open to photograph their wedding.  As luck would have it, I was!

I got to know more of Brittany and Josh on October 1, 2014.  We met at Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hill for their engagement photo session.  I call them get-to-know-you meeting because instead of merely photographing them, I turn the session into a dialog.  It’s amazing how much couples love to tell me their love stories.  Also, during that time, I also determined how they really want their wedding photos to be.

Mostly candid and less formal ones.  The formal ones should be casual.

With their preference in mind, I showed on their wedding day at 3:30 PM.  Or was it 3:29? Brittany wanted most of the formal (but appear casual) before the ceremony.  Ramdog went to work.  The day could not have been any better.  Temperature was in the mid-70s and the blue sky did not have a hint of clouds.

The week before, I photographed a wedding under a thunderstorm warning  But that’s another story in another blog post.



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